Chars Country Dips & Seasonings
Char’s Veggie Medley Dip/Seasoning
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsMakes a Very Tasty Vegetable Dip. Served with mixed veggies it’s a real treat. Your friends will love it.Great as a seasoning on Steamed veggies, pasta’s, soups, baked, roasted and mashed potatoes. Try a sprinkle mixed with your chicken, egg or tuna salad sandwich.
Char’s Little Italy Dip/Seasoning
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsIt’s an Italian Experience. An Italian Flavored Dip, Wow! For those Italian flavor lovers.Great seasoning in spaghetti sauces, pizza, meatballs, hamburgers, lasagna, Italian garlic bread. You get the picture. Try it; your family will love you for it.

Char’s Am I talking Greek Dip/Seasoning
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsIs just a superb tasting dip. Really goes without saying one of our finest. You’ve got to try this one with potato chips or veggies.Great mixed as Greek salad dressing, Souvlakia (chicken or beef) Pasta, mashed, baked or roasted potatoes and makes a very tasty beef marinade.
Char’s Rajun Cajun Dip and Seasoning
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsGet the water, this dip bites, can you take the heat? Great as a Dip with veggies and Potatoes chips.Great seasoning mixed with, sausage, chicken, cooked shrimp, pork and anything you want to add that bite to.

Char’s Lemon and Dill Weed Dip/Seasoning
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsOur Favorite Dip. The one that started it all. This one is the Party maker. You’ve got to serve this jewel at your next get together.Enjoy Seafood? well this is the seafood enhancer. Fantastic seasoning anyway you serve seafood. Sprinkle on Salmon, Haddock, Sole, Halibut and in Seafood pasta.Taste the seafood come ALIVE…..
Char’s All Dressed Dip/Seasoning
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsThe Child’s favorite. It’s a great awakening to their taste buds. Want your child to eat their veggies, well serve them this dip and they are sure to munch.Adult friendly. It will have you wanting more. Use this seasoning on Roasted, baked and mashed potatoes, on chicken and pork.

Char’s Is That Garlic Dips/Seasonings
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsFor those GARLIC Lovers. This one speaks for itself. Great as a dip with Potato Chips, Veggies and Chicken Wings.Great Seasoning on Beef, Pork and Pasta. Don’t Forget the Parsley…
Char’s Tasty Onion and Chives
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsThat old favorite with a little added flavor. If you liked the onion dip of the past, welcome to the future.Great with veggies, potato chips, or great to mix with cream cheese for an onion & chive cream cheese spread. As a Seasoning this is the versatile one, try it on virtually anything.

Garlic and bad cholesterol
Love it or hate it, garlic may help protect your body from more than a mythic pair of sharp teeth.Even ancient practitioners recognized its beneficial qualities. More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates, father of diagnostic medicine, listed garlic as a worthwhile treatment. Today scientists know from a battery of studies that garlic contains several properties that may keep the cardiovascular system healthy. Garlic is particularly effective against low-density lipoproteins (LDLs), the “bad” cholesterol that can damage the arteries and threaten the heart.Like aspirin, garlic has certain qualities that thin the blood. By preventing platelets from banding together, garlic may keep the circulatory system healthy. Garlic can do this without any of the discomfort or other problems associated with certain drugs.For the same reason, garlic may help a person who is feeling weak get back on his or her feet. By improving circulation, garlic can allow a person to get the exercise he or she needs, which in turn can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Char’s Steak Shake
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsThis seasoning will really make you shake with all it’s flavorful taste.Shake a generous amount on your favorite steak, let sit a few minutes before barbecuing, also great on oven roasted chicken, oven roasted turkey, pork chops, roast beef or great stew seasoning.
Char’s Mexican Fajita Mix
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsWelcome to Mexico, your taste buds will love you for it. This seasoning is the the one for your fajita’s, go ahead don’t be shy try it in all your favorite Mexican dishes.

Char’s Achin for Bacon
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsFor those BACON Lovers. This one speaks for itself.Great in mashed, baked or double baked potatoes. Want a little zest in the AM try a little sprinkled on fried or scrambled eggs.
Char’s Hurry Get the Curry
Chars Country Dips and SeasoningsFor those CURRY Lovers. Makes the greatest sweet potato fries dip. Try this one on curried noodles or curried chicken or pork. Add a little honey for sweetness.

Eat Your Spinach
Popeye’s Favourite is sure to be yours. Add garlic, artichoke or cheese and make a great spinach bread bowl. Or add top your egg salad sandwich for great flavor.
Char’s Variety Package
Char’s Variety Package includes a sample size of 10 flavours. Each sample size is sufficient to make 1 cup of dip. Flavours included are: All Dressed, Little Italy, Curry, Is that Garlic, Lemon and Dill Weed, Veggie Medley, Tasty Onion and Chives, Am I talking Greek and Eat Your Spinach and Two Timing Tomato.

Two Timing Tomato
Chars Country Dips and Seasonings Our newest gem of a flavour. Try it in homemade bread or mixed with hamburger for great hamburgers or great tasting meat balls. Try it in the morning on your eggs.
Char’s Popcorn Seasoning Shakers
Chars Country Dips and Seasonings Your excellent partner for movies. Comes in Silly Dilly, Salt ‘n Vinegar, All Dressed Up, Blazing BBQ, Creamy, Sour Creamand Chive, Creamy Smokey Bacon, Out on the Ranch and White Cheddar. 100ML

Char’s Acadian Seafood Chowder Mix
Nova-Scotia-Seafood-Chowder-Mix Chars Country Dips and Seasonings
The creamiest, tastiest, heartiest seafood chowder ever….enjoyed by thousands of people for many many years.Recipe for awesome chowder mix included
Char’s Acadian Seafood Breading
442602807Chars Country Dips and Seasonings Tasty light breading to be used for pan frying scallops, haddock and halibut. Also great when deep frying clams or chicken wings.Recipe for awesome seafood included + Recipe for succulent chicken legs & wings included
Char’s Rub My Ribs
Succulent, Moist, Fall off the Bone delicious, Finger licking good Oven Roasted Ribs. Comes with our easy to follow Recipe. Recipe for awesome Ribs included
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