Shipping Information

  Published   By Chars

Great News! We have been re-working our web-site over that past month to make it more customer friendly. The biggest improvement is going to be on our order page. We have completely changed the way our products are presented and will be offering shipping to…    

Nova Scotia – New Brunswick – Newfoundland

Prince Edward Island – Quebec – Ontario

                    The most exciting change is that we will be introducing our new shipping rates for all of the provinces listed above. There will only be three shipping rates…..    

Free Shipping

Flat Rate Shipping Rate of $5.00

Flat Rate Shipping Rate of $10.00

  We hope to have the new order page ready in the next 2 to 3 weeks, providing we do not encounter any unforeseen programming problems by our web designer.  We will keep you updated as to our progress on a regular basis until we have a firm launch date.  



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