Am I Talkiing Greek Seasoning

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Char’s Am I Talking Greek

  I always wanted to visit Greece for its wonderful, flavorful food and its picturesque view. I love everything with a Greek flavor and decided since I can’t presently visit Greece, I would bring Greece to our home by creating my own Greek Seasoning Chars “Am I Talking Greek”. As you know from previous blogs I add Chars seasonings to all my dishes and my Chars Am I Talking Greek Seasoning is very popular during the summer months, Our Am I Talking Greek Seasoning is a perfect blend of herbs & spices added to any of your favorite Greek dishes. Our Am I Talking Greek Seasoning is great added to Greek salads, seasoning beef, chicken and pork to make tasty souvlaki. Our Am I Talking Greek Seasoning is great when added to already boiled, cooled, peeled and cubed potatoes. Add olive oil, a few sprinkles of lemon juice, Chars Am I Talking Greek Seasoning and fry in a frying pan, this instantly makes a great Greek potato side dish. In the evenings treat yourself to a great tasting Greek dip, using our Am I Talking Greek Seasoning following our awesome dip recipe listed on our individual bottles and variety packs. Serve with Pita chips, potato chips, crackers, or your favorite vegetables as a great snack when entertaining. Your guests will be amazed with the wonderful flavor of Greece. Visit for a complete listing and description of all of our dips and seasoning flavors.   Bon Appétit Chars.

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