Greatest Chicken, Egg, Tuna or Ham Salad Sandwiches

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Chicken, Egg, Tuna, or Ham salad Sandwiches

Veggie Medley Seasoning

Taste the explosion!

  Living busy lifestyles juggling family, work & parenthood myself and my husband try to make somewhat healthy choices, without compromising flavor and taste, by making our own lunches and adding Char’s Veggie Medley Seasoning to our mealtime sandwiches. Our Veggie Medley Seasoning is absolutely great added to Tuna, Chicken, Ham and Egg salad Sandwiches, your sandwiches will never taste the same they will be bursting with our Veggie Medley flavors. Add a half a tablespoon of Char’s Veggie Medley Seasoning while mixing your salad sandwich with mayo or miracle whip allow time for veggie flavours to absorb through the salad then spread on your favorite bread mmmm, mmmm tastiest sandwich ever. A great addition to any lunch menu is our Veggie medley Dip made with Char’s Veggie Medley Seasoning. We mix 1 full tablespoon of our veggie medley seasoning with ¾ Sour cream & ¼ salad dressing (miracle whip or mayonnaise lite for both if prefered) & mix really well (allow to sit for a few hours) serve (as a healthier choice) with carrots, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, celery or your favourite vegetable. However on occasion we treat our self’s using potatoes chips, or pretzels as an evening snack. We also add our veggie medley seasonings to our soups, a favorite one of our family is homemade chicken soup, the veggie medley seasoning adds a robust veggie flavor which mixes well with the vegetables, noodles and chicken added in our soup. The veggie medley seasoning is also great added to our hearty beef stews which we make more in the colder winter months, using our wonderful crock pot. Rushing home from work, a great time saver is making a stir-fry or cooking up some pasta adding beef, chicken, fresh veggies, oil and sprinkling the Veggie Medley seasoning, meals are ready in minutes, a great time saver adding great flavor to our family meals. Normally our weekend dinners consist of a hearty meal where we are able to make a meat dish and serve roasted or mashed potatoes and once again the trusted Veggie seasoning is added to our roasted or creamy mash potatoes… love those Sunday Dinners. Try Char’s Country Dips & Seasonings Veggie Medley yourself & discover the taste explosion.

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