Char’s More Flavours….

  Published   By Chars

After the great success of our Lemon and Dill Weed Dip and Seasoning, we decided to begin to produce more flavours of Dips and Seasonings. We attended trade shows, local home shows and got great feedback from the attendees who sampled our Dips and Seasonings and we now have 14 wonderful flavours to choose from. Check out for a detailed description of Am I Talking Greek, Little Italy, Is That Garlic, Veggie Medley, All Dressed, Steak Shake, Mexican Fajita, Tasty Onion and Chive, Rajun Cajun, Achin For Bacon, Hurry Get The Curry, Eat Your Spinach, Two Timing Tomato. In addition to Dips and Seasonings, we also have a line of Balsamic Vinaigrettes, Maple Barbeque Sauce, Seafood & Chicken Wing Breading and Seafood Chowder Mix which I will review in my next Blog. Stay tuned for our next blog.   View our complete line of products! Bon Appetit Char’s Country Dips & Seasonings

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