Char’s Humble Beginnings

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Char’s Country Dips and Seasonings. Humble Beginnings Many years ago we used a Dip and Seasoning flavour, purchased at a local craft market that we and our friends really enjoyed. When it came time to purchase more we were told it was no longer available so we decided to make our own version of the Dip and Seasoning.  With a visit to our local market we came up with our first Dip and Seasoning. During that summer we introduced the Dip and Seasoning to our friends, the responses were overwhelmingly verifying that we had developed an even better tasting Dip and Seasoning. Days after the first tasting by our friends and neighbors they were asking for more. On special occasions and Christmas time we would give gifts of our new Dip and Seasoning mix to friends and neighbors.  One evening a good friend made a suggestion that we could sell this great tasting seasoning at our local Farmers Market. With a small business seed firmly planted we took our friends advise, purchased empty bottles,  mixed our new Dip and Seasoning made our first labels (on our home computer) and took our first Dip and Seasoning to a local craft market. Sitting at a very small table, feeling overwhelmed, with only 1 flavor of Dip and Seasoning unsure whether the flavor was worthy of customer sales the farmers market opened. In came the crowd of potential customers. Success!!! 1 hour into a 5 hour market we picked up our chair, put away our table for us the market was over we had sold all of the bottles we made. “Char’s Country Dips and Seasonings” Lemon & Dill Weed was now being used and loved by more people. Stay tuned for our next blog “More Flavours” Check out Chars Country Dips and Seasonings website for a full list of our wonderful Dip and Seasonings products.

Bon Appétit Chars.

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